The first Online RPG that integrates Crypto Mining
in a Medieval Sci-Fi Game on Discord.

How to play?
1. Connect Hardware to Pool.
2. Verify at Discord to get an Game Account.

⚔️ Pool: View
⚔️ Pay:
⚔️ Stratum:
⚔️ Port:  8001-8009 (low/high diff)
⚔️ Coin: Ethergem
⚔️ Discord:  Join the Game
⚔️ Wallet: MetaMask-Instruction
⚔️ Exchange: Graviex

Join now the Beta! > Block Hunts v.0.3 (start 15th March 2021)

Scroll down for more informations ⤵

LVL UP & Battle System
Get experience points & gold for battles
against other Miners on the battlefield and climb
up the PvP Leaderboard. Use earned Gold and
Xarius the Shopkeeper for Epic Weapons
& try your luck with Weapon Upgrades.
Create your own Guild and do quick 2vs2 battles
together with friends or defeat raid & world bosses
with up to 8 other Players and find legendary Loot,
EGEMs or different Magic Items with own abilities!

Passive income

Receive additional to your EGEM earnings
from Pool, in realtime a ingame bonus for
your Character, of +25 EXP Points and
+25 Gold for each EGEM block you helped
to mine or +200 EXP Points +200 Gold for
each Block found by your Miners!

Recommended Hardware for Blockhunts
-GPU (4gb+)
-ASIC (Ethash)
-Or rent Hardware

Scroll down for a Tutorial ⤵ 

Connect to Pool
Setup a EGEM wallet: MetaMask-Instruction
- Download Software for AMD or NVIDIA: PhoenixMiner
- Connect  to Pool (example phoenixminer 1 GPU 10-45 Mh/s)
PhoenixMiner.exe -pool tcp:// -wal YOUR_EGEMWALLET -pass x -worker ANY_USERNAME -coin egem

(Nicehash Port 8009)
(ASIC firmware (E3) here )

Connect to Game
Join ₿lock Hunts Discord and type ".verify" to enter your actual mining address.
(Only works if you have mined at the EGEM Pool during the .verify attempt.)

Still not a miner? No problem! 
You can try out the game by typing "trial" after using the .verify command without an actual mining address and you will get access to basic commands.  Once you upgrade your gaming account by verifying with a real mining address from your worker on Block Hunts EGEM Pool, you will gain full access to the game.