The first discord bot that integrates crypto mining⛏.. in a medieval sci-fi RPG!!

How to start?
 Join one of the game servers

🌐 Game server 1:  (English)
🌐 Game server 2: (German) (coming soon!)

⚔️ Pool: View
⚔️ Pay:
⚔️ Stratum:
⚔️ Port: 8001-8009 (low/high diff)
⚔️ Coin: Ethergem
⚔️ Wallet: MetaMask instruction
⚔️ Exchange: Graviex

Scroll down for more informations ⤵

Lvl up & battle System
Collect exp & gold for egem blocks you helped
to mine and discover the wildlands to beat monsters
or hardcore mutations for weapons, dungeon and
pvp tokens. Consume a dungeon token to enter stages
into hell to beat dungeon bosses and find ethergems
or magic set items with passive abilities. Consume a
pvp token for one of two possible pvp battles (normal
attack or pet attack) against other random players and
climb up the pvp leaderboard. Reach lvl 30, choose a class
(what evolve 2 times with higher lvls) for a dmg boost and
try duels against a tagged player for gold or egem.
Type .p to open the profile card and see items or
statistic info and be prepared for upcoming guild battles,
wildkings, raids and worldbosses.

Required hardware for additional mining rewards
-GPU (4gb+)
-ASIC (Ethash)

Scroll down for a tutorial ⤵ 

Connect to pool
Get a EGEM wallet: MetaMask-Instruction
- Download software for AMD or NVIDIA: PhoenixMiner
- Connect  to pool (example phoenixminer 1 GPU 10-45 Mh/s)
PhoenixMiner.exe -pool tcp:// -wal YOUR_EGEMWALLET -pass x -worker ANY_USERNAME -coin egem

(ASIC firmware (E3) here )

Register account
Join ₿lockhunts discord and type ".verify". The bot will ask optional for your miner worker address.
(Only works if you have mined at the EGEM pool during the ".verify" attempt.)

The game is fair and balanced. Active players who don't mine
can also beat a player who actively mines on blockhunts pool.