🔖 The Legend of Blockhunts

It all happened on a normal day.
It was a cold morning on the 7th of November, year 1266,
in a forest not far away from a newly built castle called "Castro zolret".

A man of about 30 years old  was preparing to travel because
a friend asked him to come around and help repair the roof together.
So, he prepared some tools & prepared the backpack with other stuff...
and got some loaves of bread, a bottle of water and a new handcrafted
jacket from his wife for his long, cold journey.

After starting to ride his path, 3 days across the wilderness,
over hills and around mountains ... he was close to reach his friend
and he was glad because, the winter was soon approacing
and his friend's roof had collapsed with no tools or money to repair it.

Only a half day before he was due to arrive at his friend's house,
he saw in the distance a forest. When he enters this forest, he follows
a river because he was thirsty, and his horse named "deeds" was too.
He said gladly to his horse, "look at this place there, we could take a short break man."

Close to the place, it was not more than 10 steps, he heard somebody crying for help deep in the woods! He jumped on his horse and ride along the screams are coming, and he could watch in distance a damaged pregnant woman on the ground. He asked the woman: "Are you okay!! What the hell happened to you!!?"

She answered: "Can you please help me? can you please help me?"
He: "Yeah, sure, please tell me what happen to you?".....

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